It's been a busy fall, but Saturday, Dominique, Matt, and I took some time out to grill for the WVU-TCU game (Go Mountaineers!). Luckily both the food and the game turned out the way we wanted. 

We pattied up the burgers with onion and cheese. Matt loves onions, so his is loaded!We made BBQ chicken along with the burgers. We also had some veggies, promise!Dominique was decked out for game day. As my Dad texted later, "Dominique is a Mountaineer." That's his highest compliment.Gelsey the Golden hung out in the grass while we grilled, taking it all in with a grin. After WVU won, we celebrated with this coconut cream pie that Dominique baked. She makes the BEST pies!


Story, Health, and Healing at Wake Forest

This past weekend (Oct. 1) Dominique Bruno, Whit Arnold and I made a trip south to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to attend the "Story, Health, and Healing" event at Wake Forest University. A wonderful event with gracious hosts and thoughtful, well-executed sessions. 

 A big hello to our new friends in NC from your new friends in WV!


A Lexington Weekend

This weekend (9/15-9/18) I made the trek from Morgantown, West Virginia to Lexington, Kentucky. My pal Natalie and I attended the Kentucky Women Writers Conference at the Carnegie Center.

Several people told me this used to be the public library, now an arts/literary space.

I workshopped with Barrie Jean Borich, author of several books including Body Geographic (which I reviewed for LAR but didn't tell felt weird to admit). Her workshop focused on Time in Memoir, or Memoir Time. I loved the alternate approach to chronology--not that chronology isn't a good way to organize, it's just not the only way. Barrie's exercises and readings showed us how we might otherwise bring our memory, scenes, and reflections together. She also read from Body Geographic and shared maps, which became her way of organizing that particular book.

As you can see, she is also really photogenic!

Besides the workshop, there was lots of great fun and food (oh! the food!) in Lexington. 


New Book Review at LAR

I recently wrote a book review of Paul Hertnecky's Rust Belt Boy for Los Angeles Review. I also saw the author had posted it to his blog (thanks!!!). 



Back to Class

As many of you may know, it's back to class time at WVU. To all those returning to classes, here or elsewhere, instructors and students, GOOD LUCK!